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Convierte tu tv en un Smart TV con netflix, Amazon Prime Video o IPTV(TV por internet)

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Obtenga la experiencia del reproductor de transmisión Roku a un precio increíble. La nueva transmisión Roku Express ― 1080p HD es fácil. La configuración es fácil. Relájate y disfruta del acceso a más de 450,000 películas y episodios de TV en más de 4,500 canales pagos o gratuitos, incluidos Netflix, Video, Hulu, PBS KIDS y más. No hay tarifas de alquiler mensuales por poseer un Roku Express que es tan asequible que puede hacer que cada televisor de su hogar sea inteligente. Y debido a que es de Roku, obtendrá excelentes funciones como un control remoto fácil de usar, navegación simple y búsqueda imparcial en los canales principales. Mira lo que amas y gasta solo lo que quieres.

6 reviews for Roku Express – HD Streaming Player

  1. I recently purchased the ROKU and it shipped in 1 day ! Perfect packaging! Straight forward instructoks , Only took about 20 minutes to set up from start to finish. It also comes with an adhesive strip to stick to your TV , (the ROKU is pretty small) . But The BEST part about it is the fact that it has a APP which you can use as the devices remote in case you lose the original one! It’s so fun! Affordable and although it’s only been about 10 minutes that I’ve had it in my TV , but I love it already. ! Setting up your phone to the ROKU device takes about 8-10 min , when you first power up the ROKU it tells you to get on a laptop/phone with a link and add the “ID ” given on screen just for security purposes . So makes sure you have a electronic device with you! It comes with it’s only batteries and other equipment so you don’t have to buy ANYTHING!

  2. Two years ago, we “cut the cord” with our satellite TV provider and began video streaming over the Internet using Roku devices. I recently had to replace one our three Rokus – the 3500R Streaming Stick – when it stopped working. My choice to replace it was the Roku Express HD Streaming Player. It was an inspired choice.As is the case with our larger Roku 2 and 3 devices, the Roku Express HD Streaming Player performs very well. Both its HD video and digital surround sound are of superior quality. It is much quicker to process inputs from its remote than the 3500R was – almost on par with our Roku 2 and 3 devices. We have seen no evidence of video buffering or pixelization caused by the device.One of the Roku Express HD Streaming Player’s best features is its size. It’s much smaller than our Roku 2 and 3 devices. It is about the same size as the 3500R, but instead of hanging dongle-like from an HDMI port on the back of our TV, it sits almost invisibly on the tabletop in front of the TV to which it is connected.The Roku Express HD Streaming Player has turned out to be an excellent replacement for our malfunctioning 3500R streaming stick. With its small size and low price, it’s ideal for use on any TV. Highly recommended.

  3. In my opinion Roku streamers are the best on the market. I have the Roku express on 3 TV’s. If your TV has a USB and HDMI port everything connects neat and tidy. The cables and power supply (if needed) are included

  4. I’m already a big fan of Roku, so when I saw this, I decided to give it a try. One thing to keep in mind, this one is 720p and 1080p, no 4K. Works for me, all of my TVs are 1080p. It’s small size is great for when we go on trips. All you need is the USB cable as it can draw power from it, no need to bring the power supply. In a hotel room just plug it up, connect to the WiFi, and I have all my Netflix, Hulu, etc. for relaxing in the room at the end of the day. Since it draws power from the TV, it turns on and off with the TV. This is great for when I’m going to bed at night, I just set the sleep timer on the TV, and when the timer turns the TV off, the Roku also turns off. I read reviews stating that it was slow, so I was a little worried, but that is not the case. Yes, since it is powered by the TV, it takes a minute for the Roku to power up and be ready to go. But let’s be realistic, it’s like 30 second or so, not a big deal. Once up and running, works just as well as my other Rokus. It comes with a strip of Velcro so you can attach it to your TV. As with other Roku models, you can control it through an app on your phone, which works via the WiFi, not line of sight. So, you can basically attach it to the back of the TV, plug the included USB cable into the USB port on the TV for power, connect the HDMI cable, and you’re all set. I’m super happy with the Roku Express and should I need another Roku, this is the one I will buy, I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

  5. I just bought this as a Christmas gift for my dad, It seems it has good reviews and I will update my review later when my dad tries it out, i have the Roku 3 and hope it is as good or better:)My dad doesn’t socialize as much anymore, he’s always watching things on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and ordering movies on here. He absolutely loves it and I’m glad. I used it myself and it’s pretty fast and the same as any other roku or product of it’s kind, especially with the cheaper price, you can’t beat it!!

  6. I am a HUGE fan of Roku Express! At a mere fraction of the price of some of the other streaming devices, you get everything you could want in TV, movies, and online steaming programs. We were contemplating “cutting the cable” in our household, so to see if we liked online streaming as well as we liked regular TV, I chose Roku Express, strictly based on the price. I thought if we didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be out all that much money, so no big deal. Turns out – we LOVE it! We can watch the programs and episodes we want, when we want, or rather – when we have the time to sit down and watch. We can rent or buy movies. We can stream news and live TV. We can start watching a program in one room, pause it and resume watching it in another room it’s great and really fits our busy lifestyles. And even with our individual online app-channel subscriptions, we are only paying a fraction of what we were paying to our cable company for less channels and viewing options on our regular TV package. Plus – no more do we suffer with the chronic noise and interruption of commercials. I bought my first Roku express unit and hooked it up in the kitchen. Then I bought a second one for the Living Room. Then I bought two more for the Family Room and back bedroom, and finally I bought a Roku TV for my own bedroom. If I travelled a bunch (I don’t) I would have probably bought a Roku streaming stick, too, since you can take it with you and use it anywhere you have a WiFi connection and a device with a serial port or HDMI slot (like in hotels) for your personal TV experience, on the go! No matter which model you choose, Roku is wonderful! I highly recommend it.

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